Ampersand, a book lovers’ Paradise

For those who love books and enjoy a nice space to read, of course, last but not least love a good cup of coffee then this is the place for you: Ampersand Cafe Bookstore. Reside in 76 Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney. It’s a nice little cafe that is tucked away in one of the most vibrant streets of Sydney, Oxford st.

This street is a home to many bars, clubs, and of course, once a year is the host to one of the most famous parade: Mardi Gras. As you walk, some might accidentally walk past the cafe without knowing, I most definitely did. But I saw the sign and instantly taken.

Not only that they also set up an outdoor sitting. What really cool about this outdoor sitting is that it is in an alley that opens out to a descending flight of stairs that take you a quaint and quite alluring street view scenery.


If I didn’t end up finding this little gem on the coldest day in Sydney I would have been sitting outside, soaking in this view.

Walked inside the cafe, you’re instantly met with the counter, wrapped with selections of cakes and a beautiful coffee aroma. Ampersand uses one of my favourite coffee blend: Little Marionette. A smooth, elegant, bittersweet blend. Instantly it becomes a plus to me. Little Marionette is a beautiful coffee blend. I will go into it the coffee later in another post.


Is it just me or this looks like a fox? Also beautiful coffee.

The foods are mostly for lunch and breakfast with several choices of selection. Of which written on the blackboard that changes seasonally, so you can always new things every time you come to this marvellous cafe. Gotta say they all look very tempting, from french toast to pasta.


I decide to check out the lower ground floor, it looks like the basement with so many books and suitcases. And the chairs I’m telling you, extra comfortable. Lower ground is the non-fiction section. I’m surrounded with autobiography, self-help books, history books. Must admit the way they layout the books and it was pretty impressive.

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The couch is extra comfortable, I just fell in love. The place gives you a Victorian vibe. It is like I’m being brought back to the early British century and Victorian style furniture. It definitely gorgeous. It would bring out the inner geek of anyone, it feels like maybe you’re being brought to Sherlock Holmes library, (if he has one since lots of representation of him are different). But if I have to imagine Sherlock Holmes having a library, it would look a lot like this:

The non-fiction floor was so calm and quiet almost as if I can hear my own thoughts. It gave you a calm space where you can sit down, read a book, submerge yourself into the words and fantasy worlds that the book brought to you. You simply enjoy your book or enjoy the company you have. Come here with a friend, a nice quick catch up on each other life. I always love the company of books, reading is one of the ways to take me out of this world and into another. Here, not only I can find others who are liked mind to me, or at least I’m in a place where there are hundreds or maybe thousands of ‘worlds’ I can enter, just by picking on out. You are surrounded by books, by knowledge, by the simple words of which sometimes is a better company than peoples. Books don’t lie to you, what you read is what you get.

After the lovely coffee, it’s time to check out the next floor of fictions and second-hand books. This means time to go up. So I did. Like walking up an old house, a retro, antique house. Old, retro, antique house? Literally, this is what I love the most. Exploring the old house is almost like exploring an artwork. Definitely a sense of tingling and excitement in me.


The second floor is the same, is also surrounded by books, but however submerge in sunlight. Not a whole lot, but enough to brighten the place up. Keep walking and you entered a small area loft, with a big grand table, and another fireplace. Again with the beauty of the older times.

It is such a quiet place for people to come to find a space to read, to study, or to just to find a space to get away from all the trouble things of life. This would be the place I’m heading to when I want some time to myself. Different from the lower ground non-fiction, it got a massive round table of which most likely is for work reason, study reason, creative reason. Instead of sitting in a massive sofa enjoying a book. Ampersand is indeed a very calm and relaxing cafe, I get to read so many books there is. Finishing up any work, while enjoying a lovely coffee. When life gets a bit too overwhelming, this would be the best getaway.

Check it out, I’m hundred per cent recommending this cafe.  Come and see if it’s your own getaway haven, that also comes along with a good cup of coffee.

Much Love.


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