A little corner Cafe call Rukus

Sydney, while it may be just a city but it is a big city. I heard people talking about how New York has so many varieties of restaurants that one can possibly go for a lifetime but still haven’t yet tried out everything. I feel like Sydney is somewhat similar. There always little cafe around the block, few vendors, and restaurants. You always end up finding a new place to eat or drink. Almost every month there would be a new venue open. img_2683



This time I decide to venture out a bit north and bring you guys the northern beaches. Northed Beaches is the beautiful place. Ocean breeze and of who wouldn’t to go for a walk down the beach? And here in Newport, down by the corner on Robertson Rd, a simple cute cafe call Rukus.




Rukus is a small cafe, with a slightly more modern design, and when you walk in, you walk in a space, while small but not crowded. There also trees along the benches, the trees bring out the more contrast sense of the room, but open the space with the bright window, letting the light in.




It also looks like a cozy space,  wooden floors, mirrors for walls, along with comfy couches that you just feel like you can take nap as soon as you sit down. When you do sit down, you can take in all the view of the cafe to yourself. You can see the collection of all the coffee gears if any of you is a coffee head and look for something to make coffee with maybe check this out.



The coffee is lovely made, it looks not only gorgeous it also tasted lovely. I won’t lie, Rukus has become somewhat of cafe that I keep finding myself coming back to. Rukus also sell beans from Unground – micro-roasted coffee beans that promote ethically work and focus on hand-craft beans. Most of the beans are roasted in small batched to tailor the taste and reflect the cafe that uses it.


However, Rukus coffee of which they been roasting by themselves (have a check on their Instagram), giving their coffee the taste of a full-bodied espresso which embraced the creamy milk and comes out of it, an amazing cappuccino. img_2692


Rukus doesn’t only sell coffee beans. If you feel like trying out theses micro-roasted beans for yourself along with coffee equipment to help you, they also have their own merchandises. Shirts, hoodies, jumpers, hats, duffle bags you name it. All cleverly design with a beach vibe that hundred percent Rukus. Stylish and comfy, what more could you ask for.

Rukus cafe is a cafe where you can come in, catch up with your friend, or just want to spend some time on your own, doing some uni works, reading the newspaper while enjoying their homemade GF banana bread. Which tasted delicious I’m telling you.


Their menu are something different, sure they have all the things you would expect a cafe should have like toast with their housemade jam, banana bread, and somewhat img_2693different things. With in-your-face kind of name: “Lump of Coal roll ” – basically a bacon and egg rolls basically. Several different kinds of burgers, their signature burger Rukus, and the delicious name sound burger – Organic Pumpkin Burger. I won’t go in too much but all the names sound very intriguing. They also got something that really got me going, which I hope to try out, which is the smoothie bowl. Basically kind of like smoothie in a bowl, but with a twist. Kind of like when you combine smoothie and the traditional breakfast meal of yogurt granola. Very yum.


This is definitely one of the small lovely cafes that you can’t ignore or miss out if you ever in the Northern Beaches area. If you live around in this area, you have to check it out, if traveling around and find yourself in this area give this cafe a checkout. Definitely if you hop on the tour of Summer Bay. You gotta check our Rukus. Head over to their Instagram too and see many more of their gorgeous foods and updates .



Much love



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