Hello, you have reached Uncle Ming

Everybody loves a good old underground semi-secret bar. Make you feel cool, and mysterious. Sydney is one of many cities of which also have quite a few of those secret bars that got people talking. All the bars hide in different places, mostly inconspicuous, like this little bar behind a clothing store, underground. A Chinese theme bar called Uncle Ming.

Very red, I must say. Red is a distinct theme in the Chinese culture, red brings good luck and generally mean wealth and good fortune. As soon as you walk in, you’re welcome to a mixture of Chinese ornaments, photographs painting and of course even the furniture. Imagine a series of Chinese history from the early times to the modern time all in one spot.

Don’t you love it, the vibrant of the place under a hue of reds? This intense red, I must say overshadow most colours around you and yet it doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Some conversations with the bartenders, I found out the creator of this bar after their travel through a bar with the same name in Shanghai and brought back the idea here in Sydney.


The walls are covered with photographs of older days in China. Back in probably the 70s, 80s, 90s, filled with models during those days. All the ladies who are all beautiful. Amaze me how all the photos are here and how the photos are got.



Or like the Wukong painting. If you not heard of Sun Wukong, it’s definitely a famous Chinese folklore. That has transformed into movies, tv-shows, stories and lots of drama loosely based on the legend itself. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King who dare to defy heaven. A legend that maybe pretty interesting to look at.

True to its theme, the food menu the bar offers are dumplings. All sort of dumplings and pork buns. I gotta say, nothing can go wrong with dumplings.

Eating dumplings in a Chinese theme bar, what’s more appropriate? Even the cocktails have an Asian theme. Such as Moshi Moshi, Bruce Lee, Stormy Saigon. Delicious too, with most of the cocktails, have some based of Japanese Whisky and their very own spiced rum. If you ever been here, you gotta try out the classic Whisky and Apple Juice. I gotta tell ya, they packed a mean whisky and apple juice that for sure.

img_3283 If you’re with friends and want something to share, of course like most cool bar there always the presence of a shared cocktail. and I gotta tell ya, the share cocktail is something we all gotta try. Clever name and they are served in a teapot. Much similar to ‘World Bar’ in king cross but definitely tastier.


If sharing cocktail isn’t what you want, how about your own cocktail? Each of their cocktails are well made. They are made with exceptional skilled bartenders. You can order classic one too, like every bar you can always get your own Expresso Martini or a simple Margarita. Their own glasswares served in Chinese ornaments, ceramic cupwares. Some of them have little quotes of which you mostly find in fortune cookies. Those little ‘fortune cookies’ that will not only give you some wisdom words and also get you feeling fun.



like I said, wow, too deep. gotta say every time you order a cocktail, you’ll get a new message. So why not try it out?

Don’t forget to go for a wander around the bar, let the decor comes to you, even the how they change the hibiki bottles and turn it into a candle holder, and gotta say wooh, smart and creative.

However, not just a range of creative cocktails and dumplings, they also got a range of Japanese whisky. I have to say Japansese Whisky have gotten a name for themselves recently. Even got the title World Best Whisky, and many bars in Sydney have stocked them and even a bar dedicated to this lovely taste spirits.


You will definitely have a whole range of whisky to choose from, from Hibiki to Nikita. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with some apple juices, or have it on rocks. Simple and nice. But then again don’t just take my words for it, you have to check it out and see for yourself. Not to mention the pretty quirky bathroom, filled with Chinese recording of possibly how to speak Chinese? Personally, I’m not 100% sure, but its pretty something, listening to Chinese recording of which are not songs. Either way, you will have a great time too. So come along and emerge yourself in this lovely little bar.


Much love,



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