Ona, an unforgettable coffee experience

Everyone probably has already heard about Ona. If not at least those who are a coffee-head definitely have heard or known about the coffee blend which helps Agnieszka Rojewska grabbed the title of World Best Barista. The coffee blend of which have gone through so many judging and taste testing of which in the end have earnt it the title of the world best coffee. The blends are marked base on body, balance, uniformity, sweetness, clarity, and acidity all in the total mark of 100.

Ona originally located in Canberra, with the Cupping room being one of the best flavours experience in the city. The cafe has opened another branch in Sydney, taken its roots in the inner west suburb – Marrickville.img_3136 Different from its Canberra’s home, Ona here in Sydney carries a more minimalistic idealism. Using a more pastel colours, with simple design architecture nothing too drastic gives the small cafe a sense of a bigger space. This rustic, industrialized theme is a rising trend. Like the phrase that been going around:

“Less is more”

Take a walk inside the cafe and when I said minimalistic, I really mean minimalistic. The cafe is an open space with a massive table in the middle surrounding the coffee machine and the all the blend. As a guest you will get to see around the barista, watching them make and create a coffee just for you. The kind of design reminds me of a lovely cafe in Hobart calls “Small Fry”.

Walking to a small only fill with what you need not what you want is the kind of design I would like to have as a home. It’s simple yet elegant. Being a specialty coffee cafe, you don’t usually see cappuccino or a flat white here. Their coffees are a bit different, each coffee you see on the menu represent a different blend such as “Hitman” with a bit of a chocolate kick or “Raspberry Candy” for something a bit sweeter, “Unico” for some really interesting.


If coffee with milk based is not your taste, there always expresso and oh boy do they have a whole range of them. Of course beside the expresso of the week, which changes since they will be running until the blend runs out and they will roll out a new one. Which mean every time you come to Ona, there will be something different. But there is also the reserve expresso, they are the frozen beans that kept away ready to be defrosted and made for your like


Go without saying If you don’t just want coffee but also something to eat with it, Ona has a range of foods, quick bites ready for you. Whether it’s a breakfast, brunch or even a simple C&C (coffee and cake) Ona got you covered. Coming into Ona, I get to experience something completely different, ordering a coffee is different, the coffee brought to you is also different. Especially the moment of truth, when the coffee hit your taste bud, and you feel all the texture, the marvelous flavour, the hint of different aspects of different blends like the little nutty taste from Hitman. Of which will make you want to take this coffee home for your everyday beverage since maybe Ona might be a tad too far to be your local cafe. If this is the case, need no worry the cafe does sell their blends both at the cafe and online.


Being inside Ona, a rustic vibe yet quaint cafe which filled with lights, drinking their coffee give you an experience you can’t forget. 100% nail the mark in term of Ona’s founder Sasa Sestic, a Canberra native who is better known as the World Best Barista 2015 words:

Specialty coffee is not just about the taste, it’s about the entire experience…

If you haven’t got a chance to check out Ona in Canberra, but currently in Sydney, definitely should give this cafe a shot. You won’t regret it.

Much love


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